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Venting to Your Children about Your Divorce

Keeping Your Kids Out of the Middle in a Divorce When you are involved in a divorce and there are minor children, you can struggle with the desire to vent to your children about your ex or about your divorce. … Continue reading

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Can You Get a Divorce and Still Remain Civil with Each Other?

Can’t We All Get Along? Strategies for Positive Relationships with an Ex-Spouse Though many divorce proceedings are bitter and lead to years of anger and recrimination, it doesn’t have to be that way, and if it’s to be in the … Continue reading

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The Collaborative Approach to Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce Process In recent years, a new alternative to the traditional divorce process—a concept called collaborative divorce—has become increasingly accepted as an effective way to settle differences in a divorce. In the collaborative process, each party retains separate … Continue reading

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Mediation and Divorce

Mediation as an Alternative to the Traditional Divorce Process If you have concluded that your marriage cannot be saved, but you want to maintain a positive relationship with your ex-spouse, or you simply want to resolve your disputes with a … Continue reading

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What to Do When Your Ex-Spouse is Hiding Assets

How to Locate Hidden Assets in a Divorce Proceeding It’s a pretty common occurrence—when your spouse decides to file for divorce or learns that you plan to serve divorce papers, he or she starts hiding money or property in an … Continue reading

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Determining a Fair Child Support Agreement

Making Certain Your Child Support Order is Fair In every state, including New Jersey, there are state-established guidelines for the calculation of child support. You don’t have to let the amount of support be determined by the guidelines, though—you can … Continue reading

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Alimony Reform – What You Need to Know – Part 2

By Andrew L. Rochester, Esquire In the last article, I wrote about some of the more well-known aspects of the proposed alimony reform law in New Jersey. This article addresses the other proposed changes to alimony that have not gotten … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name

In the last month, two separate panels of the New Jersey Appellate Division have issued conflicting rulings on the issue of who chooses the last name of your child after a divorce. This week, one panel of appellate judges chose … Continue reading

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