Top Mistakes to Avoid During a Child Custody Dispute

Roughly half of the children in America will witness the breakup of a parent’s marriage. While it’s not unusual for both parents in a divorce case to want custody, the child’s best interest is often the main factor considered by the court. If you want to increase your chances of being awarded custody, there are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Starting a New Relationship

Although you may be ready to move on from your marriage and find a new partner, it’s important to realize that this can affect your child. Children are often confused by divorce, so having a parent dating someone new after a separation may not be the best idea. It’s important to avoid starting a serious relationship until your child has had time to grieve and adjust to their new life with parents in two separate households. A general rule of thumb is to wait about six months after the separation to start dating, but keep in mind that this will vary depending on the parent and how the child is doing.

A Lack of Support for the Child

Failing to be there for your child can hurt their development. If you don’t show up to support them with their school activities or sports, they could start struggling academically and may even become isolated. You’ll need to make time for your child and consider them to be your top priority to ensure that their emotional and physical needs are met when they’re in your care. If you have a strong presence in their life, it may even increase your chances of getting a better custody decision.

Losing Your Temper

Although it can be stressful and challenging to go through a divorce and attempt to get custody of your children, you’ll need to remain calm when dealing with your children and your ex. If you lose your temper and become angry, your child may start picking up these behaviors as well. Do what is necessary to set a good example and show that you’re emotionally stable so your child will learn positive behaviors. You’ll be able to parent better if you learn how to control your emotions and remain composed in stressful circumstances.

Handling Your Finances Poorly

Many people don’t realize that the way they handle their finances is a factor that is evaluated by the courts when they attempt to get custody. Whether you change jobs a lot or are in significant debt, your finances will be evaluated because it determines how well you can care for the child. Having a lack of funds will not only affect how much you can provide for the child but also your ability to pay for a family law lawyer throughout the case proceedings. Make it a point to pay off debt, create a budget, and avoid changing jobs to ensure you have the funds needed to care for your child.

A Lack of Preparation

Parents often make the mistake of failing to prepare to fight for the custody of their kids. There are many different documents that must be reviewed and signed in advance to avoid potential issues or complications that can delay the process of gaining custody. You’ll need to list specific goals and objectives with the help of a family law attorney to ensure you understand every form that you’re filling out. All of the documents need to be organized and stored in a safe place to avoid potential problems or delays. Double-check every document to ensure there isn’t any incorrect or missing information before everything is submitted.

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