Even though divorce may be the right thing for you, it will seldom be easy. Untangling the legal, financial and emotional bonds will simply take time. As you go through the process, there are many things to remember:

  • To protect your legal interests, it is essential that you retain an experienced lawyer—You may be concerned about spending the money. You may simply want to be done with the past. Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls that await you if you either ignore your rights or try to handle everything yourself. An experienced attorney can help you work out custody and visitation arrangements that are in the bests interests of your children, and that allow you to play a meaningful role in their growth and development. Your lawyer will make certain that support payments are fair, and that your rights are protected in the property settlement.
  • Your attorney can also help you take basic steps to minimize the financial impact of a divorce. You may also want to work with a financial planner or consultant, someone who can help you move in the direction of self-sufficiency.
  • The emotional impact of a divorce is often the most devastating. For most people involved in divorce, it is a form of grief. The companionship and shared experiences you have come to rely on are gone. The vision you had for your life will necessarily be different. Here are some important things to remember:
    • Grieving is okay—It is normal to feel a sense of loss, and it doesn’t mean you are doing the wrong thing.
    • Talking about your feelings is usually better than not talking about them—Whether it’s a friend or a professional counselor, it is important that you verbalize how you are feeling, and that you get different perspectives on your situation.
    • Try to keep moving forward—This may not always be easy, or even possible, but try to set yourself some goals to move toward. Don’t be alarmed, though, if you go through stages where you can’t or don’t feel like moving forward. Change can be exhausting.
    • Spend time with people you trust, who support and value you—Change brings uncertainty. Seek support from people who know and love you.

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