Why You May Want a Divorce

Unfortunately, many marriages do not have happy endings. It is estimated that about 50% of couples will end up going through a divorce, although some observers think that that figure is overstated. Here are a few reasons why couples dissolve their unions.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is one of the top reasons to leave the marriage. Domestic abuse is a serious problem in many relationships, and both men and women can be victims of physical abuse. When you enter a marriage, you commit to each other with love, compassion and caring. However, if a partner threatens your health, safety or life, it is time to end the marriage. That abusive partner has done irreversible harm to the sanctity of marriage. There is no excuse for physical abuse. If it happens once, there is a good chance it will continue. Even the best marriage counselor cannot rebuild the relationship after a partner has crossed those boundaries.

Emotional Abuse

While emotional abuse does not necessarily leave physical injuries, it can cause plenty of damage in the marriage. Guilt trips, putdowns and name-calling are all part of emotional abuse. Like physical abuse, men and women have both suffered from this Having a happy marriage requires open communication. When a spouse engages in emotional abuse, it can lead to a completely irreconcilable breakdown.

Substance Abuse

Yes, your vows may have been “until death do us part”, but you may face problems that make it difficult to continue with your commitment. If your partner has a problem with drugs or alcohol and refuses to get treatment, it may be time to leave. Marriage is a partnership where two individuals unite to face problems. However, it may be time to separate if your mate ‘checks out’ and refuses help for these issues. You can only do so much for someone. If they don’t see a problem with their actions, it can cause a strain on the marriage.

Incapable of Love

If you have a partner incapable of love, that is a clear sign you need to move on from the relationship. While you may want to blame yourself, an unloving partner is not your fault. In some cases, the other spouse might have a personality disorder. Some individuals just do not have the capacity to love another person.

Also, there are cases where couples just fall out of love, which can lead to infidelity. When that love and devotion are not there, you may want to consult with a New Jersey family law attorney.


Some individuals don’t want to face life’s problems. Your partner might be nice, but they refuse to participate in those problem-solving discussions. As a spouse, you may feel like you are on your own without any help. These passive individuals do not have emotional or physical problems. Instead, they have simply ‘checked out’ of the relationship. Marriage requires two committed partners working together to take on those challenges. If you feel alone, you may want to think about dissolving the union.

Making That Decision

While you may disagree with the idea of a divorce, no one should feel ‘stuck’ in a relationship. Yes, every marriage has its ups and downs, but if the relationship affects your happiness and health, it is time to think about a solution. Marriages that are abusive or isolating are not healthy. Along with a spouse feeling those emotions, these types of marriages can also affect children in the relationship. Sometimes, the only solution is to move on and find a healthier partnership.

Talk to a Divorce Attorney Today

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