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The Collaborative Approach to Divorce

The Collaborative Divorce Process In recent years, a new alternative to the traditional divorce process—a concept called collaborative divorce—has become increasingly accepted as an effective way to settle differences in a divorce. In the collaborative process, each party retains separate … Continue reading

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What to Do When Your Ex-Spouse is Hiding Assets

How to Locate Hidden Assets in a Divorce Proceeding It’s a pretty common occurrence—when your spouse decides to file for divorce or learns that you plan to serve divorce papers, he or she starts hiding money or property in an … Continue reading

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Post Divorce Modifications in New Jersey

Divorce settlements are often hard-fought battles and if you’re lucky, as fair as possible in the current circumstances.  However, life after divorce often brings about unanticipated changes, making the original settlement agreement untenable for one or both parties.  In New … Continue reading

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