Common Reasons That People Regret Divorcing

Roughly one-third of divorced people have some regrets over choosing to end their marriage. The unfortunate reality is that it can be hard to deal with the aftermath of ending a relationship even if your marriage wasn’t healthy. Understanding the common reasons that people regret divorce can help you process your own feelings more easily.

Effects on the Children

If you have children, going through a divorce can be particularly hard. While some children may be happy that their parents are in a healthier place, others can find the sudden change stressful and confusing. Some parents report that they regret how the divorce has upset their child or disrupted their child’s routine. This can be especially common if the divorce leads to a new stepfamily that your child doesn’t get along with. To avoid this regret, you’ll need to craft an excellent custody plan. It can also be helpful to get family therapy to work through the issue.


Many people report feeling lonely after a divorce. Not only have they lost a constant companion, but they may also feel like friends and family members do not understand what they’ve experienced. Divorce can drastically change your social circle and require you to put new effort into making connections with others.

Financial Difficulties

Even with the best New Jersey family law attorney, divorce will inevitably shake up your finances. Not only will you have to share some assets, but it can also be hard to switch from a two-income household to a single-income household. Some people find it hard to accept they now have to pay child support, and others may feel that it’s no longer possible to live the type of lifestyle that they once enjoyed. You might need to work with an experienced accountant or make some budgetary changes if you don’t want to end up regretting your divorce.

Social Stigma

Though divorce is becoming more socially acceptable, there are still many places where being divorced can carry a stigma. Some people report issues like being judged by members of their church or disappointing a grandparent or parent who loved their former spouse. This can be a huge burden. Even though you might personally be happy to be divorced, it’s unpleasant to feel like those around you do not approve of your decision. To keep stigma from stressing you out, it can help to identify and avoid those who will unfairly judge you for your choice.

Legal Stress

Divorce is a complex legal process that takes months to finalize. Especially if your estranged spouse disagrees with your decision, you can end up dealing with mountains of paperwork and a lot of time in court. All of this stress adds up, and it can leave some people regretting the decision to divorce. When dealing with these emotions, it’s helpful to remember that legal challenges are only temporary. The right divorce lawyer makes a big difference, and eventually, your legal difficulties will pass.

Challenging Feelings

Another common reason for divorce regret is the emotional upheaval that people experience afterwards. Closing a chapter in your life is always hard. In addition to potentially dealing with lingering romantic feelings, people can feel a lot of other strong feelings like guilt, shame, anxiety, anger, or depression.

Having to deal with and process these emotions requires a lot of work, so it can leave some people feeling like avoiding divorce altogether would’ve been easier. The good news is that these feelings are usually possible to overcome. With help from a therapist and a little self-work, you can better process challenging feelings.

Regret isn’t necessarily a reason to avoid divorce. Though it’s natural to have some concerns about ending your marriage, it doesn’t mean you should stay in an unsafe or unhappy situation. If you’re considering divorce, Morgenstern & Rochester can help you understand what to expect from the process. Our New Jersey family law attorney team will explain how divorce works and address any potential concerns you have. We assist Cherry Hill residents who have questions about everything from child support to marital property division. Schedule your free consultation by calling 856-489-6200 or filling out our contact form.